18 business books you can finish on your lunch break (infographic)

There is no way to achieve success without reading books. How and what to read, if you don’t have enough time?

Many successful people are known for being avid readers. They don’t need to be persuaded that reading can make them even richer and more successful than they are now.

Bill Gates reads around 50 books a year. When Warren Buffett started his investing career, he would read even 1,000 pages per day. Now, it is “only” about 500 pages.

88% of wealthy people read at least half an hour a day. It can be a time well-spent, if you pick up the right book and manage your time more efficiently.

The new infographic from Fundera, an online marketplace for small business financial solutions, lists 18 best business books that are short enough to finish them in a couple of lunch breaks.

Lunch? It sounds like a perfect time to relax. Reading is known for reducing stress by almost 70% – and you only need 6 minutes to achieve it.

From The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry, to Bo Burlingham’s Small Giants, to The Effective Executive by Peter F. Drucker, this handy list will help you quickly pick up the most interesting and helpful book. Make sure to download the ebook to your tablet, and start your new daily routine right during the next lunch break.

Click or type the infographic to see it enlarged.

Via Fundera Blog.

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218 Free Romance And Love Ebooks

The romance novel or romantic novel, places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and must have an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.” It focuses on passion, emotion, and the affectionate romantic involvement of the main characters. It can also be labeled as the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person often associated with sexual attraction. In traditional literary terms, a narration of the extraordinary exploits of heroes, often in exotic or mysterious settings. Most of the stories of King Arthur and his knights are romances. The term romance has also been used for stories of mysterious adventures, not necessarily of heroes.

Romance fiction is smart, fresh and diverse. Whether you enjoy contemporary dialogue, historical settings, mystery, thrillers or any number of other themes, there’s a romance novel waiting for you. Some of the main characteristics of romantic literature include a focus on the writer or narrator’s emotions and inner world; celebration of nature, beauty, and imagination; idealization of women and many other traits that bind the most basic romantic elements together.

218 Free Romance And Love Ebooks

Romance fiction

is smart, fresh and diverse.

Romanticism in the other hand is a style of art and literature during the late 18th and early 19th centuries that emphasized the imagination and emotions. Romanticism, unlike the other “isms” is more intellectual. The term itself was coined in the 1840s, in England, but the movement had been around since the late 18th century, primarily in Literature and Arts. The basic idea in romanticism is that reason cannot explain everything.

Romance sub-genres include contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, science fiction romance, fantasy romance, time-travel romances, inspirational romance, multicultural romance, erotic romance.

  • Contemporary romance, the largest of the romance novel subgenres, is set in the time when they were written, and usually reflect the mores of their time.
  • Category romances are short, usually no more than 200 pages, or about 55,000 words.
  • Historical romance (also historical novel) is a broad category of fiction in which the plot takes place in a setting located in the past.
  • Regency romances are a subgenre of romance novels set during the period of the British Regency (1811–1820) or early 19th century.
  • Medieval romance literature, a style of heroic prose and verse narrative current in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
  • Paranormal romance is a subgenre of both romantic fiction and speculative fiction. Paranormal romance focuses on romantic love and includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation.
  • And the list goes on…

“When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.” – Jess C. Scott, The Intern

If you haven’t noticed the title, there’s a long list of free romance ebooks below, so we hope you’re comfortable with your regular cup of tea beside you, because it’ll make the journey much more interesting. As usual the majority of the free downloads (or rather free reads), are online web-serials, meaning the author writes a chapter on a predefined period, sometimes once or twice a week, sometimes once a forthnight, depending on his or her schedules. Some offer extra formats such as PDF and EPUB for download, so keep an eye on that. Note that not all are true romance novels with romance as the main storyline. You’ll find sci-fi, fantasy, and even horror stories with great romance elements in them. Anyway, if you’re feeling romantic, now’s the time to jump into some lovely literatures below.

Free Romance and Love Ebooks

  1. A Country Between by T.L. Stillinger
  2. A Cruel Romance by Niluo, Llian
  3. A Few Good Conversations (Well, At Least 10) by Hans Taylor
  4. A Fox at Heart by GeneralPhone
  5. A is for Amy & Adonis by Steven Crandell
  6. A Kiss in the Clouds by Eve Marie Perry
  7. A Man For A Year by Stephen Denning
  8. A Prince From Another World by Estela Avery
  9. Addergoole by Lyn Thorne-Alder
  10. Aethernea by Cloe D. Frost
  11. After Kate by Mousie
  12. Akumu Love Panic! by Illise Montoya
  13. All the Things We Should Have Said by Elizabeth Thompson
  14. All’s Fair in Love&War by tmbrakta
  15. Andraste by Albert Ruckholdt
  16. Aster Lynn by Eric Maisel
  17. Bailey’s Eyes by Andre Clemons
  18. Before The Dawn by Anne-Marie Rivers
  19. Beyond The Photograph by Aradescent Dent
  20. Bicycle Shop Murder by Robert Burton Robinson (Chapters:44)
  21. Black Moon by Snowangel
  22. Blind Carnival by Katya Kolmakov
  23. Blue Phoenix by Tinalynge
  24. Bold Traveler by Scott Salsman
  25. Breathless by V. J. Chambers
  26. BRITANNIA by Letitia Coyne (Chapters:17)
  27. Caledonia by Letitia Coyne (Chapters:20)
  28. Captive Prince by Freece
  29. Cardinal Meadows by Noel Goetz
  30. Carnival Lights by Amber Laura
  31. Catherine by Clarice Schwarz
  32. City of Roses by Kip Manley
  33. Click Here if You Love Me by Leslie Wilson
  34. Cold Ghost by Eva Shandor (Chapters:7)
  35. Corvus by L. Lee Lowe
  36. Courting Freedom by Didorius Finchbergsen
  37. Dawnwalker by Wes Boyd
  38. Dead Boyfriend by Seth Gray
  39. Denver Cereal by claudia hall christian
  40. Divine Empress of Chaos by Queendrops
  41. Drama and Simplicity by Paige C. Wolfe
  42. Drezo Regalia by Jane Christian
  43. Eikasia by Illise Montoya
  44. Elan Meets Rafa by The Mice
  45. Elemental Truth by Necia Phoenix
  46. Ember’s Heart by Charles Cameron Olson
  47. Et Alia by Eren Reverie
  48. Fantasy Afire by Maeve Kelley
  49. Fayde of the Void: The Immortal King by Keith Rivara
  50. Fickle Fortune by Jeffrey Sabiston
  51. Fictdoodles by David Wilson-Burns
  52. Fight Crime! (A Love Story) by Kristen Brand
  53. Fly the Rain by Robert Burton Robinson (Chapters:21)
  54. Freelance Fiction by Doug Lance
  55. From Now On by A.J. Verser
  56. God’s Trial by Arclight Symphony
  57. Grounded by Susannah Erwin
  58. Hair in a Knot by RJ Stein
  59. Handsome as Hell by Laura Tatum
  60. Happily Ever After by Leigh Marie Lemus
  61. Hawk’s Legend (trilogy) by Robert Turnbull Jr.
  62. Her Heart’s Idle Fancy by Cate Marie Moyr
  63. Hideaway Hospital Murders by Robert Burton Robinson
  64. Hiraeth by S Lynn
  65. HISPANIA by Letitia Coyne (Chapters:19)
  66. Holly(Woods) by Naomi Laeuchli
  67. House of Cats by Joyce Sully
  68. House of Harwood – Tangled Beginnings by Olivia Batker Pritzker
  69. Howling by Jane Christian
  70. In A Parallel World With Random Skills, I Reluctantly Become A Mafia Boss? by SlashCrit
  71. In Search of Silver Linings by Taylor Ward
  72. Inbetween by Bridgett Morigna
  73. Insatiable by Kelly Jamieson
  74. Intertwined Lives by Shannon Haddock
  75. Into The Night by Eve Marie Perry
  76. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  77. Lavender Dreams by Evelien Van Braeckel
  78. Layla – One World Warrior by Layla Parkin
  79. Letter from an Unknown by Rhoda Penmarq (Chapters:130)
  80. Letters To My Mother by Rebecca Heath
  81. Life in Hyperion by John Maxwell
  82. Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo by Heather Wardell
  83. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  84. Loan Some by Megan McLachlan
  85. Love Drug by Glendon J. Klassen
  86. Magestic by Geoff Wolak
  87. Mai Girl by Kanna
  88. Mail Order Bride by Boon Dock (John Dovey)
  89. May Flowers by Louisa May Alcott
  90. Meat Eaters by mrinocence
  91. MerStory by CM Alfonso
  92. Midnight Moonlight – New Year’s Night by Eren Reverie
  93. Minimal English by Uebyn
  94. Misty Me and Me by Nathaniel Tower
  95. Mortal Ghost by L. Lee Lowe
  96. Mountain Sound by Saf
  97. Much Ado About Bluebottles by Frances Pauli
  98. Nala’s Story by Mark Gardner
  99. New Frontier by Johnny “Vinomath” Garcia
  100. Nightlights by Chrysoula Tzavelas


  1. Oathbreaker’s Price by Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen
  2. Of Astral and Umbral by Bonnie L. Price
  3. One Night With a Stranger … by Linda Steinberg
  4. One Page Love Story by Rich Walls
  5. Opportunities in the Sky by Laura Forsythe
  6. Orbital Academy by Madeline Rose
  7. Orphans of a Dead Nation by JFantasyBooks
  8. Oysters, Pearls and Magic by Joyce Chng
  9. Peace Tomorrow by M. McPherson
  10. Philly Gayborhood by rd1982
  11. Pivotal Moments by musesinspire
  12. Porcia by Lauren Charles
  13. Price Breaks and Heartaches by Al Bruno III
  14. Provoking Fire by Vee Villarreal
  15. Pure Fiction by Kathleen Maher
  16. Raising Angels by Taulsn
  17. Re:Write by Who Cares?
  18. Reaching Sideways by leehope
  19. Red Riding Hood by SgLee (Chapters:33)
  20. Redwood Crossing by kaleidofish
  21. Rema by Amy Kim Kibuishi
  22. Rica Wants Him Dead by JayDirex
  23. Ricochet by Laura Tatum
  24. Ring Around Rosie by Becca Layne
  25. Rocinante by Wes Boyd
  26. Rowena’s Page by S. D. Youngren
  27. Ruin by TheLunarFox
  28. Runner’s Moon by Wes Boyd
  29. Rys Rising by Tracy Falbe
  30. S-Twist by Meredith R. Stoddard
  31. Safe as Houses by Michael Litzky
  32. Sea La Vie by Megan Chapman
  33. Secrets and Skin by Amy Notdorft
  34. Sentence of Marriage by Shayne Parkinson
  35. Simon Called Peter by Robert Keable
  36. Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince by Joey Manley
  37. Song of the Phoenix by Queendrops
  38. Spireclaw by Huw Langridge
  39. St Martinas Academy by Klayton Frost
  40. Staying Human by Adam Bolander
  41. Strange Little Band by Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks (Chapters:28)
  42. SuperMegaNet by Jesse Gordon
  43. Sworn by Ski Hemulen
  44. Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin
  45. Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Queen of Swans by SgL
  46. Tales of the Big Bad Wolf-Red Riding Hood by SgL
  47. Tell The Groom by Andy Cox (Chapters:52)
  48. Terminal by Ben Hron
  49. Thalia’s Musings by Amethyst Marie
  50. The Arcane Archives by Kanna
  51. The Bentlefay Papers by Kathy Monahan
  52. The Crux of Human Suffering by Edge363
  53. The Days of Grey by J. Tyler
  54. The Five Dollar Mail by Regina Shelley
  55. The Good Student by mooderino
  56. The Grunge Appeal by Grace Deervale
  57. The Hobbyist by Jeremy Wise
  58. The Invisible Chains (Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse # 1) by Eurypon
  59. The Kingdoms of Evil by Daniel M. Bensen
  60. The Man with the Double Heart by Muriel Hine
  61. The Me Clone / La Mi-Klono by Gene Keyes
  62. The Next Generation by Wes Boyd
  63. The Other Kind of Roommate by Tartra
  64. The Polyglot’s Rune by N. A. Forte
  65. The Potter’s Daughter by Daniel Arthur Smith
  66. The Rebirth of a Dragon by Marmar Zakher
  67. The Regrets of Tyler Park by Paige C. Wolfe
  68. The Ruin in Whispers by Liana De la Rosa
  69. The Secret Life by Dawn M. Roden
  70. The Tom Drake Experience by Seth Kinnett
  71. The Whisper of the Nightingale by SnowyFeffe
  72. The Xandra Letters by Xandra Hamilton
  73. The Young Wise Man by nEoQuIcKsiLvEr
  74. These days, by goodboy64
  75. Time and Memory… and saving Midori by David Lim
  76. Tin Man by Samantha Lynn
  77. Tortured by V. J. Chambers
  78. Toxic by A/M/ Schilling
  79. Transition and restart by Sten Düring
  80. Trembling by V. J. Chambers
  81. True Identity by Paradox
  82. Uncle Buddy’s House by Dan Leo
  83. Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I by Tracy Falbe
  84. Unlockable Content by Korina Skye
  85. Valentine’s Resolution by Elizabeth Chestnut
  86. Vows From Darkness by Nastasha LaBrake
  87. Welcome to PHU by Tris Lawrence
  88. What Goes Up – Must Come Down by Laura Forsythe
  89. Why Do Bad Girls Love Dan by JayDirex
  90. Wish You Were Here by Mim Lindblom
  91. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  92. YakuTaku by GeneralPhone
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Myth & Fable – Arthurian Romances

  1. Bulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Chivalry, or Legends of King Arthur by Thomas Bulfinch [1858]
  2. Four Arthurian Romances: ‘Erec et Enide’, ‘Cliges’, ‘Yvain’, and ‘Lancelot’ by Chrétien de Troyes; translated by W. W. Comfort
  3. Parzival : a knightly epic by Wolfram von Eschenbach ; translated by Jessie Laidlay Weston [1894]
  4. The high history of the Holy Graal by Sebastian Evans (translated from the old French), with decorative drawings by Jessie M. King [1903]
  5. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Kenneth G. T. Webster and W. A. Neilson (translated)
  6. Stories from Le Morte D’Arthur and the Mabinogion by Beatrice Clay (retold)
  7. The Mabinogion, translated by Lady Charlotte Guest by Beatrice Clay (retold)
  8. Le Morte d’Arthur: Sir Thomas Malory’s book of King Arthur and of his noble knights of the Round table by Alfred W. Pollard (edited) (A text modernised as to its spelling, but in other respects in accurate accordance with Caxton’s text, as represented by Dr. Sommer’s reprint.)
  9. The Legend of Sir Lancelot du Lac; studies upon its origin, development, and position in the Arthurian Romantic Cycle by Jessie L. Weston [1901]
  10. Sir Gawain and the Lady of Lys Translated for the first time from Wauchier de Denain’s section of the Conte del Graal by Jessie Laidlay Weston; with designs by Morris M. Williams [1907]
  11. The Three Days’ Tournament: a study in Romance and Folk-Lore. Being an Appendix to the Author’s ‘Legend of Sir Lancelot’ by Jessie Laidlay Weston [1902]
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Jane Austen

  1. Love and Friendship
  2. Persuasion
  3. Sense and Sensibility
  4. Northanger Abbey
  5. Emma
  6. Pride and Prejudice
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Edith Wharton

  1. The Valley of Decision
  2. Twilight Sleep
  3. The Triumph of Night
  4. The Touchstone
  5. Tales of Men and Ghosts
  6. Summer
  7. The Spark
  8. Sanctuary
  9. The Reef
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218 Free Romance And Love Ebooks

The romance novel places its primary focus on the relationship

between two people, and must have an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.”

What do we think about ebooks (infographic)

Google web search can bring interesting information about what internet users think about electronic books.

Are we still afraid of ebooks? Which benefits are we most interested in? Which features are most needed? Are our attitudes towards digital books evolving?

It turns out Google web search can be a useful source of information. One of its features, Google Instant, suggests search phrases as you type.

The suggestions are based on popular searches. It means the four results you see in the drop down menu under the search box are the most common questions asked by internet users.

We asked Google four questions, starting with “will ebooks,” “are ebooks,” “can ebooks,” and “do ebooks.” We did it four times – in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017.

The results are presented in an infographic below, and if you’d like to further explore the topic, here are the previous highlights:

Click or tap the infographic to see it in full resolution. Feel free to share it (Creative Commons license). You’ll find the embed code below the image.

What do we think about ebooks (infographic)

What do we think about ebooks #infographic

Grab the embed code from below and paste it into your blog:

• • •

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Featured products - Amazon Fire 7 2017 tablet is thinner and lighter - costs only $49.99

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Kindle for PC Supports Text to Speech and Screen Readers

Amazon has issued a few updates to their Kindle for PC program for Windows computers this year to add some additional accessibility features, among other things.

Kindle for PC can now be used to read ebooks aloud using text-to-speech, and it also supports screen reader programs for additional navigation and voiceover features.

The latest Kindle for PC version 1.20.1 supports both JAWS screen reader and NVDA screen reader.

You can download the NVDA screen reader for free, with the option to donate.

Here’s the link to the Kindle for PC section of the NVDA user guide for more details about how it works.

All Kindle ebook product pages have a section labeled “Product details” that says if the book supports text-to-speech and screen readers.

Not all ebooks support TTS and screen readers but a good share of them do.

Over at Amazon’s help section there’s this list of keyboard shortcuts when using Kindle for PC. First you have to turn on TTS from the tools menu (or hit Control T) to use these text-to-speech shortcuts:

Using Text-to-Speech

To use these shortcuts, you must enable Text-to-Speech first. Press “Ctrl,T” or select the Tools menu and chose Start Text-to-Speech.

Toggle Text-to-Speech – Ctrl, T
Pause or resume reading – Space bar (while in a book)
Read the previous sentence – Ctrl, Shift, Up arrow
Skip forward one sentence – Ctrl, Shift, Down arrow
Increase speech rate – Shift, +
Decrease speech rate – Shift, –
Toggle continuous reading – Ctrl, Shift, C

Kindle for PC

How to Use Kindle Create to Convert Word Documents to Kindle eBooks (Video)

Kindle Create is a new tool that was recently released for Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing platform, along with the Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word.

Kindle Create is a free program designed to help transform a manuscript written in Microsoft Word or PDF format into a nicely-formatted Kindle ebook that’s ready to sell in the Kindle store.

The Kindle Create software can detect chapters and help layout a table of contents.

You can choose different theme templates for common styling elements, and preview how the book will look on a phone, tablet, and Kindle.

Kindle Create also supports enhanced typesetting for advanced layout features.

Amazon KDP uploaded a YouTube video a couple days ago showing how to use Kindle Create with Word files (.doc, .docx).

The software works with PDFs as well but it’s recommend that you use Word files when possible. PDF files get published as Kindle Print Replica books instead of regular Kindle ebooks with adjustable font sizes and such.

Kindle Create is still in beta and is available to downloaded for PC and Mac from the Kindle Create page. Currently it only works with English language books.

How to Use Kindle Create

How to Connect Kindle Fire to TV – eReader Palace

Tablets are some of the gadgets whose popularity has been increasing rapidly in the recent years. In fact, analysts in the technology world are predicting that tablets will be the future. There are different types of tables of different sizes, brands and operating systems. Amongst all these tablets the ones that are most popular are those whose screens are seven inches. The Kindle Fire family falls into this category which it is one of the most used seven inches tablets.

This particular tablet comes from Amazon who is well known for having quality products. The manufacturer initially entered the tablet market with the Kindle Fire. Once it was released it became very popular where it had a lot of positive reviews from users. Despite all the popularity, it has the problem of that it cannot be directly connected to a TV. So if you have a Kindle Fire and you want to be watching movies and playing games on a TV, you will not be able to do so.

By the way, if you want to watch the latest TV shows and movies with freaky cheap price, you can consider the Amazon Prime 30 days free trial, where you can conveniently get all the latest movies and TV shows you want.

In the following part, I will introduce how to connect Kindle Fire to TV as easy as a breeze.

Among all generations of Kindle Fire, only the Kindle Fire HD released in 2012 generation is different than others, so I will write the guide in two parts.

Connect Kindle Fire HD (2012 released) to TV

First of all, you need to know the exact model of your Kindle Fire. Please read this post to figure out which model of Kindle Fire you are using.

The Kindle Fire HD released in 2002 is endowed with micro HDMI port which you can use to mirror the screen to TV. In case you have been searching on the internet for details on how to connect the Kindle Fire HD to PC then you are in the right place for I am listing all the possible methods you can use to do the connection and be able to view big graphics on your TV.

The only thing you will need to do this connection is a standard HDMI to standard HDMI cable. The AmazonBasics HDMI has higher speed and therefore it is the most ideal option to use.

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: 0 Out of Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

After getting this cable you then need to connect it between the micro-HDMI port on your Kindle Fire HD and the HDMI port on the TV. This will provide you with the fast and seamless connection between your TV and Kindle Fire HD where you can enjoy viewing the content from your Kindle on the TV.

Connect Kindle Fire to TV – all other models

Except the 2012 generation Kindle Fire HD, all other Kindle Fire generations released so far only has micro-USB port. So a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable won’t work on these models.

In this case, you’ll need a micro-USB to HDMI cable, below is a one I would recommend.

List Price: $8.49 USD
New From: $8.49 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

There are many other choices, you can choose from this category.

Once get a micro-USB to HDMI cable, you just need to connect your Kindle Fire to TV with the cable. The following job is exactly the same with the previous part.

Your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port?

For the micro-HDMI or micro-USB to HDMI connection to work, you need to have an updated TV which has a HDMI port and supports the analog signal. In case your TV is the old model then you need to acquire the a that can convert the digital signal into analog.

You can easily get such a box from Amazon where you get to choose the particular box that suits your needs perfectly.

If you don’t like this one, you can choose the other options in this list.

After selecting the right box you just need to use the cable you have already acquired to do the connection.

Everything is straight forward where you do not need to have any special technical skills to do the connection. You just need to follow the outlined instructions without failure. After completing you will be able to mirror the Kindle Fire HD to your TV and therefore be able to enjoy watching movies, playing games and watching TV shows on your big TV instead of the small screen of the Kindle.

Already bought a Fire TV?

Fire TV is Amazon’s Streaming Media Player, it works like Google’s ChromeCast or Apple’s Apple TV. It’s a box which connected to a normal TV, then your TV can use Fire OS.

List Price: $89.99 USD
New From: $89.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

So you can easily mirror/stream the contents from Kindle Fire to Fire TV wirelessly, just make sure Kindle Fire and Fire TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

The steps are simple:

  1. Open your Kindle Fire, swipe down the screen and choose “Settings”.
  2. In “Settings” page, choose “Display & Sound”, then choose “Display Mirroring”, then the Kindle Fire will seek connectable device in the same WiFi network.
  3. If everything goes well, you shall see your Fire TV displayed in the devices list.
  4. Choose your Fire TV, the your Kindle Fire and Fire TV will be connected.

Genrally speaking, it takes around 20 seconds to see your Kindle Fire’s screen on your Fire TV.


How to Downgrade Kobo eReader Firmware Version – eReader Palace

The latest Kobo e-reader updates have not augured well with a lot of the consumers who have complained of a plethora of issues that range from battery drain to micro SD card recognition issues. There is, however, a way to get rid of the issues and enjoy the more hustle-free Kobo e-reader version that preceded the troublesome updates and that is downgrading kobo e-reader’s firmware version.if you do not wish to lose your account and or ebooks.

Easy Downgrade process

The easy downgrade is no different from the manual update process with the only prerequisite being that you have to select your kobo software based on your model before you download.

The Kobo e-reader’s firmware download

After selecting the appropriate software for your model download into your computer, connect your Kobo e-reader to the said computer via your USB cable.

Turn the auto update over Wi-Fi option off to avoid the software from automatically updating or switch off your Wi-Fi altogether in the process. Transfer the unzipped file, from your computer to the .kobo folder located on your Kobo e-reader device where it will automatically reboot and you can enjoy the old and less problematic firmware.

Word of caution though, unplugging the kobo e-reader device without following the proper eject protocol will cause you a lot of problems so best to avoid doing so.

Factory Reset

As earlier mentioned, this process may not be the best option if you do not wish to lose your eBooks and or account in the process but it is also a relatively easy process.

Go to the Device information menu located under the settings option and simply select Factory reset and you will have your old firmware back.


How to Copy, Paste and Cut on Kindle Fire Tablet – eReader Palace

Copy, paste, and cut are all normal operations we will do on a computer, no matter Windows, macOS or Linux.

As more and more people are engaging with tablet computers, and Kindle Fire is one of the most popular tablet computer models. Do you know how to copy, paste, or cut on Kindle Fire?

When browsing on websites, we always need to copy and paste information from web browsers to local document.

When processing documents we might need to cut and paste texts from one place to another.

How to copy and paste on Kindle Fire

As mentioned above, in this scenario always happen on web browsers. So I will take Kindle Fire’s built-in Silk Browser as example.

Press and hold on browser’s texts area for 2-3 seconds

Press on any text on the web page, then this word will become blue background color, and there are two blue selector on each side.

Tap and hold on the selector, and move it, you can change the selecting range of the texts.

Like the screenshot above, I’ve selected the entire paragraph by moving the selectors.

After selecting texts, you can see a toobar on the top side. There are some options, like “Copy”, “Share”, “Select All”, and “Web Search”.

We choose “Copy”.

Paste selected texts in a document

Paste selected texts in a document

To create and edit document on Kindle Fire, I recommend WPS Office app. In my personal point of view, it’s the best free office app on Kindle Fire.

Open any document by WPS Office, then press and hold on any place of the document, a new toolbar will pop out.

Choose “Paste” then you can paste the copied texts out.

paste copied content in wps office kindle fire

How to cut and paste on Kindle Fire

In web browser app you are not able to cut content, in most of situations, you can only cut texts in an office app. So I also take WPS Office app as an example.

Select the text you want to cut

Press and hold on the text you want to cut, then a toolbar will pop up, but there is no cut option.

Because you need to select the words you want to cut at first, so we choose “Select”.

select text on kindle fire

Like in Kindle Fire web browser app, the word selectors will display, the selected words will become blue. Please move the selector to adjust selecting text range.

select content in kindle fire wps office

Paste the cut content

After selecting the target content, now we can choose “cut” options, then the selected content will be gone.

cut selected content

Then press and hold on the place you want to paste the content. For example, I want to cut the content and paste it to a new paragraph, below is the result.

paste the cut content in kindle fire


Must-Have iPad Pro 10.5 Protective Cases and Accessories for 2017 – eReader Palace

If you own an iPad tablet then you will want to make sure that it’s protected and covered against scratches and damage. A whole industry has specialized in covers and protective casing for different kinds of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We know how expensive mobile devices can be and the worst thing that can happen is for the device to break just because you didn’t invest in a protective case or cover.

The new iPad Pro 10.5 which released in WWDC 2017 is perhaps the fastest iPad ever brought in the market by Apple, as per Apple sources. This iPad Pro has a six-core state of the art Fusion processor that has been reported to be 500 times more powerful than the original variants of the iPad. Now this something very impressive and worth considering. This pro comes with a 7-megapixel front camera and a 12-megapixel rear camera. This new Pro is believed to be your next computer in terms of the speed and other specification and features that it is offering.

However, as well know that Apple has not always been all about technology, rather it’s much more. It is tip top trendsetter, a fashion icon and a must-have for all those tech- savvies out there. What makes iPad’s special is their attractive and out of this world accessories which complement and augment the class and the style that this piece of hardware has to offer as a complete package. Let’s have a look at some of the hot accessory items for your iPad Pro 10.5, if you are a proud owner of one.

ESR Lightweight Smart Case

This iPad Pro 10.5 Case is definitely one to have. This case is lightweight and durable and is designed to protect your iPad without adding bulk to it. The case was created to ensure total front and back protection against scratches or even simple fingerprints. It has a tri-fold front cover allowing for dual standing position which is great for watching movies or typing. It also has a magnetic smart cover that supports an automatic sleep and wake function every time you close or open the cover. The protective case itself is made of polyurethane exterior with a soft microfiber lining and hard back cover. The beautiful rose gold color complements the elegant design of the iPad giving it both form and function similar to the new iPhone colors.

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And here are some similar cases:

List Price: $15.99 USD
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List Price: $17.99 USD
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JETech Cover for the New Apple iPad Pro 10.5

JETech Cover for the New Apple iPad Pro 10.5

If Rose Gold is not your color, you may want to consider the Jetech Case Cover with Auto Sleep and Wake function. Designed for the new iPad Pro 10.5 2017 model, this case cover is designed to be lightweight and durable. The cover allows you to put the iPad in a standing position to allow for typing or better viewing of the screen. It has a synthetic exterior protection while having a smooth interior designed to keep fingerprints and scratches off the screen. It is a complete front and back cover that also comes with an auto sleep and wake function. It has a camera hole cutout and full access to the iPads ports and connections. The case comes in a classic jet black color and is very easy to install or remove. It even comes with a lifetime warranty from JETech which means it’s designed to last for life.

List Price: $14.99 USD
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Pasonomi Premium Leather Case

Pasonomi Premium Leather Case

Another black colored case in the market is the PasonomiPremiem Leather Case with Stand Cover. This premium case does more than simply protect your iPad from scratches other damage. It also is great to store cards such as business cards or electronic cards such as ATM and credit cards. It comes with a unique elastic band to keep your hands in place ensuring your iPad will not fall just like that. It has a great professional looking design with a black leather exterior and soft interior to guarantee you great protection for your device. This great case is really for the professional on the go.

List Price: $17.85 USD
New From: $14.99 USD In Stock
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Poetic Lumos Flexible Soft Transparent TPU Case

Poetic Lumos Flexible Soft Transparent TPU Case

The Poetic Lumos Flexible Soft Transparent TPU Case for the iPad Pro 10.5 is definitely like any of your standard protective covers. This unique lightweight cover has a crystal clear design which allows you protect and cover your iPad from scratches and damage while preserving the beautiful design of the iPad Pro 10.5. It comes with an integrated pencil slot for the apple pencil to allow ease of use. It’s designed to protect your device against impact or shock. It even is compatible with an Apple Keyboard case and has an open slot for docking. Definitely designed for the tech-savvy in mind.

List Price: $14.95 USD
New From: $9.95 USD In Stock
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BELK PU Leather Slim Flip Folio Cover

BELK PU Leather Slim Flip Folio Cover

This iPad Case comes with a premium high-quality leather material that is both ultra thin and durable. It prevents any tablet friction and is a total front and back cover for your iPad ensuring protection from damages and fingerprints. It has a three-fold back that allows for different stand views depending on your needs. Its construction is perfectly cutout to the form and function of the iPad Pro 10.5 and gives easy access to all buttons and controls.

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $12.99 USD In Stock
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i-Blason Premium Slim Hybrid Protective Case

i-Blason Premium Slim Hybrid Protective Case

i-Blason [Halo Series] is a clear trendy protector case for your iPad. This case includes a convenient stand which makes it convenient for your watch your favorite shows and movies in a hands-free. This halo case has an overall slim profile. Key highlight is that it is made from shock-resistant and scratch resistant TPU materials and is compatible with your new Apple iPad 10.5 pro. Make a purchase and enjoy the Halo’s slim design and invisible shock, drop and scratch resistant cover, great for parents and kids.

List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $14.99 USD In Stock
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BELK Elegant Retro Series Flip Stand Cover

BELK Elegant Retro Series Flip Stand Cover

BELK Elegant Retro Series Scratch-Resistant Leather is a class apart. Excellent handmade polished with fine detailing, this meticulously crafted case is a premium product for your pro. It has a strong all-round rugged lasting protection and is scratch-resistant as well unlike other leather covers. It has a beautiful style and a retro texture for comfortable and special feel with the engraved logo. It’s not all beauty, it has brains too, it comes with a smart magnet wake up and sleep function to conserve on that precious up time. It has separate slots for your cards and bill pocket for convenient stacking of your cards and pen holder. It is the best choice for all those corporate men and women out there.

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $15.99 USD In Stock
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ProCase Stand Folio Case Cover for Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Inch 2017

ProCase Stand Folio Case Cover for Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Inch 2017

It’s a Pro Case Stand Folio Case Cover for Apple iPad Pro 10.7 inches. It has a document card pocket and multiple viewing angles.

This case has a solid construction and a design that appears more professional. It is specifically made for Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch 2017. It, therefore, cannot be used with any other iPad. Additionally, enables the outer part of the case is made of leather while the inner part is soft offering great protection to the iPad from shocks.

Moreover, the case contains multiple slots enable you to set up multiple horizontal angles for better viewing. The case is convenient in that, it allows complete access of features such as the camera, ports, buttons and the speaker.

The case also supports auto sleep and the wake mode features, the cover and the magnetic features too. Besides, the case has an in built elastic Apple Pencil Holder that’s also comes with a bonus ProCase stylus pen.

The case is available in various colors.

List Price: $16.99 USD
New From: $16.99 USD In Stock
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G-Color PU Leather Stand Cover

G-Color PU Leather Stand Cover

G-Color PU Leather Stand Cover is a specially designed case to fit perfectly on to your iPad pro 10.5. it has an ultra slim design with built-in magnetic stand for that hassle free hands-free viewing at adjustable angles. It sleeps automatically once it is latched and it wake up once you open it. You can conveniently attach and detach the case from your iPad. Surprisingly it comes with a lifetime warranty, something not to miss.

List Price: $23.99 USD
New From: $15.99 USD In Stock
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he Luvvitt Clear Grip Smart cover gives your device a futuristic look. Apple hasn’t released silicone covers yet so this is a perfect solution for your iPad Pro 10.5. With upgrades in designs of your Apple devices, there are new designs for their cases every day. You want to select the best material available for the best quality when you consider buying a cover for your tablets or phones.

  • The design is a bit ruffled to give you good grip (you really don’t want your device to slip, now do you?)
  • The shape fits your hand perfectly
  • Shockproof
  • Accidental falls shouldn’t be your concern anymore because this cover ensures that your iPad Pro 10.5 has protected sides
  • Durable, lightweight and waterproof – You don’t want to damage your precious!
  • There’s a lifetime warranty! Yes, you read that right.

This design is high-end, it combines style with the proper protection your device needs.

Disclaimer: This is not yet compatible with iPad Pro 10.5 smart keyboard. Early purchasers can get a replacement too so rest assured if you’ve bought it earlier. You might also have a problem with your screen protection and the cover alignment.

List Price: $12.99 USD
New From: $12.99 USD In Stock
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And there is another similar cover provided by Moko, which is famous brand in protective case area.

If you like such a transparent ultra-thin cover, you can also consider these two covers.

List Price: $15.99 USD
New From: $3.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $20.79 USD In Stock

List Price: $14.95 USD
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List Price: $9.99 USD
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If you would like a translucent cover, you can choose this one.

List Price: $13.99 USD
New From: $3.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

ESR Premium Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

ESR Premium Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Case

If you want the classic look, this is perfect for you! This will give your iPad Pro 10.5 the protection it needs and a style upgrade too. The synthetic leather used makes sure there’s no compromise when it comes to style either. It’s fashionable and takes the protection of your digital devices to a whole new level. The sturdy material makes your money even more worthwhile.

  • Microfiber lining that will protect your device from water damage
  • The Leather exterior will keep your case protected from stains and is very easy to clean
  • Magnetic Smart Cover to support auto wake and sleep feature, with the clasp aligning perfectly with your iPad Pro 10.5!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed even 180 days after purchase. You can get a refund or a replacement of the product if you aren’t completely satisfied with the product
  • Reliable and premium quality of materials and production
  • Additional features include – pencil case, hand strap and an organized pocket for all you workaholics out there

The elegant look will make you love this cover, you iPad Pro 10.5 will look perfect with this cover on if you prefer a professional look. The grip will make your device fit like a glove in your hand and ensure the protection of your device by keeping it firm.

Disclaimer: Designed ONLY for iPad Pro 10.5 and will not fit other models because it is exclusively for iPad Pro 10.5.

List Price: $21.99 USD
New From: $21.99 USD In Stock
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Alternative choice:

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $15.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

ProCase iPad Pro Case 10.5 2017

ProCase iPad Pro Case 10.5 2017

This incredible product is amongst the leading iPad Pro 10.5 accessories which have been exclusively designed for the iPad 10.5 Inch and isn’t compatible with any other gadget out there. It features an ultra-slim as well as lightweight hard back design which only adds nominal bulk to the unit while providing great protection to the gadget. It is possible for you to perceive the Apple icon through your preferred color thanks to the presence of the translucent frosted back cover, which also helps to safeguard the unit against any types of scratches as well as unpleasant fingerprints. It can boast of a professional as well as classic design and also provides you with full access to a lot of essential features such as a speaker, cameras, ports, in addition to buttons. An amazing automatic sleep/wake feature is also supported by this awesome product while the case closure is properly secured by the presence of a magnet which makes it extremely easy to snap on and off.

List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $12.99 USD In Stock
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Here are some alternative choices.

List Price: $25.95 USD
New From: $6.50 USD In Stock
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List Price: $18.99 USD
New From: $3.99 USD In Stock
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MoKo Honey Comb Series iPad Pro 10.5 Case

MoKo Honey Comb Series iPad Pro 10.5 Case

As we all know that all the products of iPad Pro has distinct values and popularity in world, it keeps producing the new products time to time and makes available in market. Moko is one of the trademark of BSCstore. and iPad Pro 10.5 Moko case is exclusively sold by BSCstore. This is the new product of Apple of 2017 with new design. This iPad Pro 10.5 Moko case has some distinct features. It is light in weight having friendly protective kid. It has free standing case that refines our precious devices because it has honey comb pattern. There are other facilities that are easy to access like camera, exact cut out and opening for control buttons. iPad Pro 10.5 Moko case has been released only in Back cover. It has not front cover. This product doesn’t fit the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 2016 Tablets. This is available in Black and Blue color at BSCstore with attractive discount. The manufacturer Moko provides the warranty of lifetime for Moko iPad Pro 10.5.

List Price: $18.99 USD
New From: $4.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

iPad Pro 10.5 Smart Cover by Thankscase

iPad Pro 10.5 Smart Cover by Thankscase

The case comes in many colors and styles. The PU leather used gives a classy look. Besides being a classy and stylish, the case, because of its functionality fits in the class of professional accessories as well. It is a folder wallet pocket style case.The product has a secure grip. The case has a 360-degree rotation swivel which allows the tablet’s both horizontal and vertical rotation.It can be used as a stand and the iPad can be kept at suitable positions while watching movies. It has a built-in magnetic strip which provides a smart cover function that helps in auto sleep or wake. The weight of the case is just 11 ounces, with dimensions, 10.5 x 7.5 x 0.6 inches. The case is slim and lightweight, which adds to its looks. Besides being a quality product, it is affordable as well. The interior is made up of soft, non-scratchy PU leather, that gives good protection to the device inside. The product is manufactured by Thankscase and it is the best for your iPad to keep it safe without hindering any of its functionality and usability.

List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $14.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Finite iPad Pro 10.5 Case

Finite iPad Pro 10.5 Case

The Finite iPad Pro 10.5 case is designed especially for iPad Pro 10.5 tablet. It has accurate cut outs that give easy access to all of the tablet features like camera, speaker, some keys etc. This feature of the case helps you to take pictures or even record some videos, without removing the cover. The case can hold at max one device in it. It provides smart cover functionality which put your device to sleep and brings it back on closing and opening of the case. The Finite iPad Pro 10.5 case has a capacity to transform into a stand for viewing the purpose and can be used with many different angles or it can also be used as a keyboard stand. Its back and front do not separate from each other. The cover is quite slim and lightweight. Its weight is just 7.4 ounces and has dimensions of 9.8 x 7.1 x 0.4 inches. The back shell of the cover is made up of polycarbonate material which makes it durable and resistant to any kind of damages. The interior is made of scratch free PU leather, which gives a good layer of protection to the device. The cover is manufactured by Finite, and comes in many colors with variety of simple but classy designs.

List Price: $12.99 USD
New From: $8.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Vangoog 360 Degree Rotating Stand Case for iPad Pro 10.5

Vangoog 360 Degree Rotating Stand Case for iPad Pro 10.5

The Vangoog iPad Pro 10.5 case is designed for Apple 10.5 iPad Pro. It provides easy openings at proper positions. This makes all the basic features of iPad easily accessible without even removing the cover.It provides smart function of sleep and wake, which puts your iPad in sleep mode if you close cover, and brings it back to wake mode when you open it. It has 360-degree rotation capacity, which lets you use it as a viewing stand with many different angles. It has exterior of premium PU leather and the interior is made up of microfiber. Vangoog case is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. The case is made up of quality material considering the safety of the device inside. Probably the Vangoog iPad Pro 10.5 case might prove your best choice for your device.

List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $14.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Ceocase For 2017 Apple IPad Pro 10.5

Ceocase For 2017 Apple IPad Pro 10.5

It is a new case of 10.5 inch with luxury slim pouch sleeve Cover of Tablet in Black color. It is made of with smart cover with light pouch. The manufacture, Ceocase brought it in Amazon.com on 14 March 2017. The designing is of perfect size. In Ceocase it is being sold in $15 plus %1.99 shipping charge. In standard shipping you can get it within July 10-31 at checkout. You can order from online. You can choose the shipping address on your wish which is easy and comfortable to reach.

List Price: $15.00 USD
New From: $15.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Voova 11.6 Inch Fabric Carrying Bag with Handle

Voova 11.6 Inch Fabric Carrying Bag with Handle

Voova, measuring 11.6 inches is stylish laptop sleeve with a handle. The sleeve has three cases; one fits iPad Pro 10.5, another for MacBook Air 11.6 inch and fits Lenovo Dell HP ASUS Acer Chromebook.

The sleeve has a front pocket fitted with a durable zipper.it also contains compartments for storing documents, and items like charger, earphones a mouse among others. The zipper on the front pocket is fitted in a way that it glides smoothly thus easy and convenient access to your laptop.

The sleeve also features three layers one being the soft inner fleece layer. These layers are waterproof thus prevent water entry and prevents damage by absorbing impacts from shock and accidental bumping during a travel.

The Voova laptop sleeve is convenient for travel whether for business or other purposes since it contains a handle that makes it easy to carry around. Its small size also allows you to slide it into your backpack or briefcase.

The best part of the sleeve is that, once you purchase one Voova laptop sleeve, you get a 2-year warranty.

List Price: $25.99 USD
New From: $12.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

ProCase 10.5 Inch iPad Pro Wallet Sleeve Case

ProCase 10.5 Inch iPad Pro Wallet Sleeve Case

It’s a wallet sleeve case measuring 9.7-10.5 inches which have mini pockets that fit iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 10.5, Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 s2 and an additional separate pen and document holders.

The outer part of the case is composed of leather while the inner part is made of microfiber thus prevents accidental scratches while the inner part helps absorb impacts and still making it light.

More so, the sleeve is made of magnetic elements at the closure making it close tightly. It also contains an inner pocket that holds pens and the cutout on the sleeve help access them easily.

The sleeve is available in black, brown red and mint green.

List Price: $15.99 USD
New From: $15.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Here is another wallet style protective case for iPad Pro 10.5.

List Price: $14.99 USD
New From: $14.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Tomtoc 10.5 Inch New iPad Pro Sleeve

Tomtoc 10.5 Inch New iPad Pro Sleeve

The Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 case sleeve is a case cover with protective bag and accessory packets. It has a silk feel and is very comfortable. It provides a good protective layer for the device and other accessories. The cover is suitable for iPad Pro and iPad Air. It has two additional pockets for accessories. The interior is made up of a fleece material and has soft shock absorbing material padding which protects the device from any kind of damages and scratches. As the Tomtoc sleeve is very lightweight, it can be easily put inside any other bag and can be taken anywhere with no overhead. The eternal dimensions of the sleeve are 10.3 x 7.9 x 0.75 inches and the internal dimensions are 10.1 x 7.5 x 0.5 inches. Not just iPad Pro 10.5 but some other models also fit inside Tomtoc sleeve very easily. Besides being trendy and classy the Tomtoc protective cover perfectly fulfills its basic functionality of safeguarding your iPad.

List Price: $25.99 USD
New From: $14.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

MoKo Pencil Case Holder for Apple Pencil

MoKo Pencil Case Holder for Apple Pencil

MoKo Pencil Case Holder for Apple Pencil is an augmented accessory specially designed for your Apple Pencil. It provides a through protection to your Apple Pencil from shocks, scratches, dust and other wear and tear from stacking by conventional methods. It has a water resistant material with elastic rubber which allows for a much more secure grip and protection. This Moko Pencil Case holder is the protector of your Apple Pencil and a life saver, something you must have if you are an Apple Pencil owner.

List Price: $9.99 USD
New From: $5.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Fintie Apple Pencil Holder with USB Adapter Pocket

Fintie Apple Pencil Holder with USB Adapter Pocket

Fintie Apple Pencil Holder with USB Adapter Pocket is yet another Pencil holder but with USB adapter pocket. It is made up of exquisite premium synthetic lather case with a flap cover for extra protections and safety. It is a very stylish, ultra slim and a light weight holder to carry. It has a comfortable elastic strand that not only ensures stronger grip to the Apple pencil but you can slide you Pencil in and out of this case almost effortlessly. The adapter pocket is a guardian and is keep the USB adapter at easy to find source and provides snug fit to keep the adapter safe and secure once stacked. It makes both your Pencil and the adaptor in your reach at all the times no matter you store it in your purse, your jacket or with the case.

List Price: $16.99 USD
New From: $3.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Fintie Apple Pencil Holder with USB Adapter Pocket

Fintie Apple Pencil Holder with USB Adapter Pocket

This is compatible and similar with 9.7 inch iPad Pro, 12.9 inch iPad Pro and 10.5 inch iPad Pro version. It has been made of artificial leather case in flap cover. Without any extra cover, this is the completely designed for Apple Pencil. Its outlooks are attractive, stylish, very thing having very light weight holder. It is more like a glove which can be slided without any effort. Because it has got contented elastic band, it is too easy and quick to take the holder out from the case. The setting of adapter pocket makes it easy to find USB adapter and keep it safe as well. Its weight is 1.28 ounces in Black color. This product is available at Fintie in about 42 percent of discount with free shipping. The price from $11.99 has been decreased in $6.99 where total $5 is saved.

List Price: $11.99 USD
New From: $2.99 USD In Stock
Used from: $6.10 USD In Stock

MoKo Pencil Holder Case for Apple Pencil

MoKo Pencil Holder Case for Apple Pencil

This popular and outstanding iPad accessory has been designed immaculately by the manufacturer for your pricey Apple iPad Pencil. Apart from safeguarding the Apple Pencil from any sort of undesirable scratching as well as shocking, it likewise offers fantastic protection from dirt, scratches, shocks plus other types of damages. This fantastic accessory can boast of the presence of premium PU leather featuring a non-scratch as well as soft microfiber interior. You will also be offered the facility of an inbuilt leather pocket in addition to an elastic strap which will enable you to store smaller accessories like the charging cable and also keep the pens in the proper place in a secured manner. Besides this, the accessory is known to be resilient since it is manufactured from water-resistant and durable PU leather.

List Price: $9.99 USD
New From: $7.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

ESR HD Clear 9H Tempered Glass iPad Pro 10.5 Screen Protector

ESR HD Clear 9H Tempered Glass iPad Pro 10.5 Screen Protector

This Incredible 10.5 Screen Protector is actually intended for your iPad 10.5 inch. It is going to allow the user to have a natural viewing experience because of the presence of HD Retina Clarity – 0.33mm in thickness with as much as 99.9% transparency. It also features an awesome 9H Hardness – three times stronger shatter resistance as compared to the standard tempered glass products is offered by glass screen protector of this product with additional heat tempering process. Furthermore, the presence of Oleophobic Coating helps in minimizing any appearance of smudges or even unpleasant fingerprints.

List Price: $12.99 USD
New From: $12.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Similar products:

List Price: $11.95 USD
New From: $8.95 USD In Stock
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List Price: $29.99 USD
New From: $10.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Heavy-Duty 4-Loop Grips for iPad

Heavy-Duty 4-Loop Grips for iPad

Have you ever been using your tablet one too many time to start experiencing awful hand cramps? Yes, technology is helpful and entertaining but sometimes lacks fundamental things such as comfort. To help handle your IPad, here’s a solution that will enhance your experience while using your favorite gadget. IPad grip is an accessory which allows you to comfortably enjoy browsing or playing your favorite video games. Not only that, being thumbs free, you can also dive into typing without fearing you’ll feel any spasms. It’s easily attachable and doesn’t adhere, no matter what the surface is – silicone, gel, TPU, rubber case or porous surfaces. It comes in two pieces letting you choose between using both or just one hand and provides additional security from falling or slipping from your hands. Also, it comes in two sizes – one “Fits most” size suitable for most people and a XL one for those with larger hands.

–> Buy it at lazy-hands.com

You can also buy it from the manufacturer’s Amazon store:

List Price: $24.99 USD
New From: $21.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock