Kindle Oasis 2 – things you should know before buying it

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Are you interested in the 2nd-generation Kindle Oasis? Read on and you will find out whether you should get excited about it.

It’s almost ten years since the first Kindle was introduced. Do you remember its asymmetric shape?

Amazon’s newest and most advanced e-reader, Kindle Oasis 2, is also asymmetric. And it’s where similarities end. Comparing these two devices would show how much the technology and reading experience has changed in just ten years.

The new Kindle is innovative. Innovative enough to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amazon Kindle.

Oasis 2 comes with Audible audiobook compatibility. It has a bigger 7-inch 1680 × 1264 px screen, and asymmetric design perfect for one-handed reading. The e-reader is extremely thin and meets IPX8 water resistance rating.

You can read more details about Kindle Oasis 2 in this detailed overview, complete with full tech specs, review round-up, and comparisons with other waterproof e-readers.

Below, you’ll find out what these features mean for the user.


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Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) – things to know

Kindle Oasis can play audiobooks

“The first waterproof Kindle” is the most common description of the 2017 Oasis e-reader. However, the ability to resist water is not its most outstanding feature.

It’s the ability to play audiobooks.

Besides audiobooks that you can listen autonomically, the 2017 top-shelf Kindle is capable of playing audiobook companions of Kindle books. It’s the feature similar to Kindle apps on Fire tablets or Android-powered devices.

Try it, and you’ll love it. Amazon offers audiobook companions for 300,000 titles from the Kindle Store. When you pair the ebook with the audiobook, you will be able to switch between reading and listening seamlessly.

If the Audible companion is available for the Kindle book you own, you can buy it and download to your Kindle app (and now also Kindle Oasis 2). Once the download is complete, the audio and text are in a full sync, thanks to the feature called “Whispersync for Voice.” You can start playing the audio companion at the page you are currently reading – and vice versa.

The most exciting thing about Kindle Oasis 2 is that it lets you enjoy books with all senses, and adjust the way of following the story to current mood and situation.

Audible is not free with Kindle Oasis

When you read that Kindle Oasis 2 comes with Audible built-in, you may hope you’ll get Amazon audiobook service for free.

In a Kindle Oasis 2017 announcement there is a passage saying: “Audible will be available on the all-new Kindle Oasis via a free over-the-air update when the device ships.” It sounds like a proof you’ll get a free Audible when your Oasis arrives.

Don’t get too excited. What is free is not a subscription but an update to Kindle Oasis software. This update will let you add and play Audible audiobooks.

To enjoy audiobooks on your Kindle Oasis 2, you’ll have to pay for them just like you do on your Fire tablet’s Kindle app or in an Audible app.

There are two ways to add audiobooks to Kindle Oasis:

  • buy Audible audiobooks separately,
  • subscribe to Audible for $14.95 per month.

When you browse Amazon for audiobooks, you may get the wrong impression that all audiobooks are free. The price you’ll usually see it “$0.00”. Take a closer look. Under the price, you will see in small type “Free with Audible trial.”

Audible trial, just like trials for most other subscriptions offered by Amazon, lasts 30 days and is free. After that period, you will be charged $14.95 on a monthly basis for a comfort of listening one free audiobook each month and 30% discount on any additional audiobook you buy.

Kindle Oasis 2017 doesn’t have speakers and headphone jack

The newest Kindle Oasis can play audiobooks but doesn’t have speakers?There is something wrong here.

Everything is perfectly fine. The Oasis has Bluetooth instead. You can, therefore, connect Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speaker and have audiobooks played that way.

The lack of internal audio components was a tough but right choice. Not every user of the 2017 Oasis would want to listen to audiobooks (as we’ve learned already, they are not free), so why adding extra cost and bulk?

The Bluetooth used in Kindle Oasis 2 has advanced support for audio streaming, called A2DP – Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. It also has Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. Thanks to that, you will be able to control audiobook playback from your headphones or speakers.

Oasis 2 is lighter and thinner


Everyone expects a high-end product to be better than more affordable competitors in as many areas as possible.

Thanks to a unique asymmetric design, the newest Oasis is extremely thin. On the lighter side, its depth is only 0.13 in (3.4 mm). The other side still impresses. The depth is 8.3 mm, compared to 9.1 mm in the Paperwhite.

Reducing the depth was achieved not only by using aluminum back cover or removing audio components. The asymmetric design has its important role, as well. Extending the bezel on one side allowed for moving most parts there, leaving as little as possible behind the screen.

Attention to details and using premium components resulted in reducing the weight of the 2017 Kindle Oasis to 6.8 oz (194 g). It’s 11 g less than Kindle Paperwhite.

2nd-generation Kindle Oasis has a larger screen

You may say: “Eleven grams? It’s nothing to be excited about.” You’re right, if you compare the devices with the same-size screen, it’s nothing special.

But Kindle Oasis 2 has the larger display. And “bigger” usually means “heavier.”

The 2017 Oasis is the first Kindle since the DX with a screen bigger than 6 inches.

The display used in new Kindle Oasis has 7 inches. It’s front-lighted so that you can read ebooks comfortably in the dark, without the need to keep an exterior source of light turned on.

The screen is not only larger. It’s also better. The contrast is as high as in the flagship Paperwhite, and the pixel density of 300 ppi makes the text look clear and crisp. Resolution of the display is 1680 × 1264 px, and it’s higher than in the Paperwhite.

The 7-inch screen has a chance to become a new standard in e-readers. Compared to 6-inch Kindles, Oasis shows 30% more text, giving you more space and less page turns, what results in a more comfortable reading experience.

Asymmetric design has its purpose

A unique (for some users “bizarre”) design, seen already in the 1st-generation Oasis, features an extended bezel on one side, with comfortable page turn buttons.

This attention-grabbing shape was not designed to make people talk about it. We’ve already shared one practical benefit: moving components from behind the display reduced the depth.

There is a more important benefit, though. The thicker side of the Oasis is perfect for a grip. It’s also where the center of gravity is. Thanks to that, Kindle Oasis feels lighter because the majority of its weight is located right in your palm.

As a result, keeping the device in one hand is easier than ever before.

And it’s the primary benefit of the asymmetric design – to let you read books one-handed for long hours.

Don’t expect any discount on Kindle Oasis 2 soon

Usually, when the new Kindle model is introduced, you can expect price deals coming in the first main shopping event.

For instance, the 8th-generation basic Kindle launched in mid-2016, and a few weeks later – during Prime Day 2016 – it was available for a price slashed by $30.

Don’t expect Amazon will do the same with Kindle Oasis. It’s the model that is rarely included in any deal, even exclusively addressed to Prime members. You can see lower prices on the basic Kindle, the Paperwhite, the Voyage, and all the Kindle Bundles. Oasis? No.

Kindle Oasis deal is like water in the desert. You have to look hard and wait long until you find it.

So, if $249.99 for a waterproof e-reader with Audible support is too much, you have to accept it. Don’t wait too impatiently for a deal, because you won’t find it.

If I had to predict whether Kindle Oasis 2 gets a price cut during the upcoming Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2017, I would bet it won’t.

Kindle Oasis 2 is waterproof

I left water resistance as the last topic to talk about not because of “last but not least.”

First, the Oasis is not the first waterproof e-reader. Just the opposite, it comes late, three years after Kobo Aura, and two years after Nook GlowLight Plus.

Oasis 2 is waterproof because competitors are. But, to be frank, is water resistance an essential benefit of e-readers?

Ability to withstand water is a helpful feature of devices that you use in extreme conditions. A smartphone that you always take with you, no matter whether you are jogging or climbing a mountain, is sometimes used in most unpredictable circumstances.

But an e-reader? When it’s raining, are you going outside to read a book to see raindrops splash on your e-reader, or do you prefer to stay at home on your cozy sofa with a cup of tea?

Let’s assume for a while you love reading in the rain. The water resistance rating the newest Kindle Oasis bears is IPX8. It means you can leave it in water, two meters under the surface, and come back in an hour – and your device will not get any damage.

Kindle Oasis 2 – useful links

If you’d like to explore further all the pros and cons of the newest Kindle, make sure to follow the links below:

Kindle Oasis 2017 – tech specs

We’ve collected all tech specs in one place so that you can analyze the 2017 Kindle Oasis e-reader in detail.

Warranty1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 1-year, 2-year or 3-year Extended Warranty available for US customers sold separately

Screen 7-inch E-Ink Carta touchscreen
Levels of gray 16
Front light Yes
Screen resolution 1680 × 1264 pixels
Pixel density 300 ppi
Waterproof Yes
Waterproof rating IPX8 – tested to withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutes
Storage capacity 8 GB (aproximately 6 GB available to the user) – thousands of books or over 35 Audible audiobooks
32 GB (aproximately 27 GB available to the user) – thousands of books or over 160 Audible audiobooks
microSD card No
Body color Front: black, back: aluminum
Battery life A single charge lasts up to six weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless and Bluetooth off and the light setting at 10
Charge time • Under 3 hours from a computer USB
• Under 2 hours using the Amazon 5W charger (sold separately)
Weight • Wi-Fi version: 6.8 oz / 194 g
• Wi-Fi + Cellular: 6.8 oz / 194 g
Dimensions 6.3 × 5.6 × 0.13-0.33 in / 159 × 141 × 3.4-8.3 mm
Wi-Fi Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, or 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
Cellular 4G LTE connectivity in US where available, 3G/EDGE/GPRS in other locations; utilizes Amazon Whispernet to provide wireless coverage via AT&T’s 4G LTE high-speed data network in the U.S and AT&T partner networks outside of the U.S
Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming from Kindle Oasis to your Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Bluetooth speakers requiring PIN codes are not supported
Speakers No
Headphone jack No
Audible-ready Yes; capable of playing Audible audiobook companions for Kindle ebooks. Pair with Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones
Bluetooth Yes; with support for A2DP compatible stereo headphones, speakers, microphone
Accessibility features The VoiceView screen reader, available over Bluetooth audio, enables access to the vast majority of Kindle Oasis features. Kindle Oasis also includes the ability to Invert Black and White, adjust font size, font face, line spacing and margins
Supported formats • Text: Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprocted MOBI, PRC natively; HTML DOC, DOCX through conversion
• Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion
• Audio: Audible audio format (AAX)
Original case covers Yes; sold separately. Two variants to choose from: a protective premium leather or water-safe fabric cover
Included the box • Amazon Kindle Oasis (2nd generation, 2017 release)
• USB 2.0 charging cable
• Quick Start Guide
Launch dates • Announcement: October 11, 2017
• Pre-orders: October 11, 2017
• Release: October 31, 2017
Prices • 8 GB, Wi-Fi, with special offers – $249.99
• 8 GB, Wi-Fi, without special offers – $269.99
• 32 GB, Wi-Fi, with special offers – $279.99
• 32 GB, Wi-Fi, without special offers – $299.99
• 32 GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular, without special offers – $349.99

• • •

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) – waterproof, Audible ready

8 GB / Wi-Fi

The first waterproof Kindle
No more soggy pages with the all-new Kindle Oasis – it’s IPX8 rated to protect against immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. And it’s built to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bathtub, hot tub, or pool.

Now with Audible
Now you can listen to the world’s largest library of audiobooks on your Kindle—anytime, anywhere, while traveling, cooking, or when you just want to rest your eyes. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to move seamlessly from reading to listening. Available via a free over-the-air update.

Our largest, highest resolution display
Featuring our largest 7-inch 300 ppi display, Kindle Oasis fits over 30% more words per page for fewer page turns. Crisp, laser quality text reads like real paper without glare, even in bright sunlight.

Ideal for one-handed reading
The ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book. Easily turn the page with either the touch display or dedicated page turn buttons. Whether you choose to read with your left or right hand, the page orientation automatically rotates to match.

Larger storage capacity
Kindle Oasis is now available in 8 GB or 32 GB. Carry even more titles with you.

Got you covered
Complete your Kindle Oasis experience with a protective premium leather or water-safe fabric cover. The slim, form-fitting cover opens like a book and is designed to closely wrap the bezel like a glove. Snapping securely in place magnetically, automatically wake your Kindle or put it to sleep by simply opening or closing.

⇢ Kindle $249.99

• • •

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New Kindle apps for Android and iOS are all about the look


Amazon is releasing revamped mobile Kindle apps that feature Gooodreads integration, themes, and better library navigation.

It’s been a long time since Kindle apps for major mobile operating systems – Android and iOS – have been thoroughly refreshed. Until now.

Amazon has just announced an “all-new Kindle app that makes it easier than ever to turn your phone or tablet into a book.” Have you noticed that it’s singular, although we are talking about apps for two different platforms?

It’s because the look of the Kindle apps is unified across these two platforms. In fact, when you take a closer look at the screenshots in the Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you will realize they are the same.

The apps look like being completely refreshed, but the feeling comes from the fact that most changes were made in design elements. The first visible thing is a new – and in my opinion much better – app logo.

When you open the app, you’ll see that many improvements were made to help users find own books or discover new ones more easily. Most changed were made to the Home View. Interface elements in the Book View hardly improved.

The new navigation bar at the bottom highlights the book you are currently reading. Its cover is seen right in the center of the bar. Bigger book covers are something you will see more often in the new release of the apps.

On the left side of the navigation bar, besides Library, you will see Community section. Integrated with Goodreads, it will let you easily discover and discuss books with friends. Goodreads comes to Kindle app for iPhone and iPad for the first time.

The Discovery section is devoted to making you find and buy stuff. It’s the kind of a recommendation engine that’s heavily integrated with the Kindle Store – something you can see in Fire tablets.

Interesting thing is that the Discovery section on the iOS app looks like being designed to let you buy books. You can only, due to the lack of a real Kindle Store integration, download free samples.

The last thing is something that will make you enjoy playing with it for a while: themes. You can choose between Light and Dark look. You can change a theme in the Settings, in More section.

One thing to note about the themes. They are applied to the Home View and are not the same as the reading mode inside the book (White, Sepia, Black). Changing the app’s theme doesn’t change the reading mode.

In my honest opinion, the unified cross-platform look is the biggest improvement the new update brings. You may switch from the iPhone to the new Google Pixel smartphone. You may drop your Android-powered Galaxy Tab and fall in love with the iPad. And you will always find the familiar reading interface of the Kindle app.

Are you enjoying the new app on your Android-powered machine? Do you like the new look and Goodreads integration on your iPad or iPhone?

⇢ Kindle for iOS ⇢ Kindle for Android

• • •

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Which waterproof e-reader is the best for your needs? (comparison)

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We’ve compared waterproof e-readers from Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble to let you realize water resistance is not the only feature to analyze.

With introduction of the 2nd-generation Kindle Oasis, all major players in the ebook business offer now waterproof e-readers.

If you are considering buying a device that resists water, take a look at the comparison table below.

We’ve put together major tech specs of Kindle Oasis (2017), Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 (2017), Kobo Aura One (2016), and Nook GlowLight Plus (2015). Prices range from $130 to $250 for entry-level versions.

Obviously, such a comparison makes sense only if you are not tied to one specific ebook platform, or consider switching (being fully aware of all the problems it could create).

Water resistance

Three e-readers meet IPX8 rating, Nook GlowLight Plus has IP67. First, let’s explain what these numbers mean.

  • IPX8 – the device can withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes,
  • IP67 – the device can withstand immersion in 1 meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

In short, no matter which device you pick up, you can put it in the bathtub and leave it there for half an hour without causing a damage.

Now, let’s find typical situations water resistance is necessary:

  • you go back from the beach and want to remove sand by pouring tap water on the e-reader – IP67 is more than enough,
  • you accidentally drop the e-reader while reading a book in a bathtub – IP67 is more than enough unless you want to intentionally test the water resistance by yourself and leave the e-reader for 30/60 minutes,
  • you read the ebook outside, while the rain starts falling – IP67 is more than enough.

As you see, all the e-readers in the comparison will meet expectations of the majority of users. You can pick up the cheapest device (Nook GlowLight Plus), and stop reading the rest of the post.

The thing is, water resistance is for users who want their e-readers do more than just let read ebooks without the need to recharge too often.

Sure, for some users, ability to withstand water is the entry point. They don’t consider buying the device that is not waterproof, just like they don’t consider buying the tablet with no microSD card slot.

But, wait, what about the screen? Do you want the front light? How much memory would satisfy you? Ability to play sound?

We’ll analyze these features below the table.

Waterproof e-readers 2017 – comparison

Feature Kindle Oasis 2 Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 Kobo Aura One Nook GlowLight Plus
Screen size 7 inches 6.8 inches 7.8 inches 6 inches
Pixel density 300 ppi 265 ppi 300 ppi 300 ppi
Screen resolution 1680 × 1264 px 1430 × 1080 px 1872 × 1404 px 1430 × 1080 px
Grayscale 16-level 16-level 16-level 16-level
Waterproof rating IPX8 IPX8 IPX8 IP67
Front light Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blue light control No Yes Yes No
Touchscreen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 6.8 oz
194 g
7.3 oz
207 g
8.1 oz
230 g
6.9 oz
195 g
Size (inches) 6.3 × 5.6 × 0.33 5.1 × 6.77 × 0.35 7.7 × 5.5 × 0.27 4.7 × 6.4 × 0.34
Size (millimeters) 159 × 141 × 8.3 129 × 172 × 8.8 195 × 139 × 6.9 120 × 163 × 8.6
Storage 8 GB
32 GB
8 GB 8 GB 4 GB
micro SD card No No No No
Colors Aluminum Black Black Gold
Speakers No No No No
Bluetooth Yes No No No
Release date October 31, 2017 May 2, 2017 September 6, 2016 October 21, 2015
Price $249.99 $179.99 $229.99 $129.99


When it comes to pixel density, all e-readers have at least 265 ppi (pixels per inch). The text rendered on the screen should be clear and crisp, what results in a more enjoyable reading experience.

The most important thing to decide is the size of the screen. Each of the offered waterproof e-readers has a different one. Let’s list them from the smallest to largest:

  • 6-inch – Nook GlowLight Plus,
  • 6.8-inch – Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2,
  • 7-inch – Kindle Oasis 2,
  • 7.8-inch – Kobo Aura One.

Since 2007, when the first-generation Kindle was launched, almost all e-readers had 6-inch displays. Why, suddenly, the screen size is so important?

The larger screen means you can see more text in a single page. Amazon claims the 7-inch Kindle Oasis 2 fits 30% more text than the 6-inch Kindle. As a result, you have to turn pages less often.

The bigger screen is better for displaying books with images, or digital versions of newspapers. Finally, on the bigger screen, you can make the font size much bigger without causing the formatting disaster.

Ask yourself what kind of books you read most often. If it’s novels, you should be satisfied with the 6-inch ebook reader. If you, however, mostly read non-fiction or academic books, with lots of tables, charts, or pictures, the bigger the screen the better.

If you are looking for the e-reader to read not only ebooks, but also graphic novels, newspapers, or magazines, maybe the device you need more is a tablet rather than e-reader.

The last set of features that relate to screen is how the device handles reading in the dark. When it comes to front light, all analyzed e-readers have it.

The front light lets read books in the dark (for instance, in bed, when your significant other wants to sleep and you have to turn off the bed lamp).

What Kobo devices offer – and the ones from Amazon and Barnes & Noble don’t – is a blue light control. Called ComfortLight Pro, it is a feature similar to Night Shift in the iPhone and iPad.

In the evening, ComfortLight Pro reduces exposure of blue light from LED lights located around the screen. Thanks to that, the display gets warmer, so that you can read in the evening and during the night without affecting your sleep.


Listening to audiobooks is something you can easily do with your smartphone or tablet, but it’s a rare thing when it comes to e-readers.

Kindle Oasis 2 is Amazon’s first e-reader since the 2011 Kindle Touch which is capable of playing audio files for you. To be more specific, the 2017 Oasis supports Audible audiobooks and does just that. You can’t play your own music on it.

What’s more, the e-reader does not have built-in speakers. It includes a Bluetooth module instead so that you can connect it to external speakers or headphones.

Audiobooks are on the rise. Amazon offers a clever feature called Whispersync for Voice that lets users seamlessly switch between reading a Kindle book and listening to an accompanying Audible audiobook.

No other e-reader in this overview is capable of playing audiobooks.


Hunting for bigger storage options makes sense in smartphones or tablets. You want to pack them with games, apps, and videos. Compared to them, ebooks take much less space.

Having in mind that any of the presented e-readers is connected with an ebook platform that lets store and sync your personal ebook library via the cloud, downloading all ebooks to your e-reader is not needed.

4 GB of the internal storage (having in mind that some of the space is being occupied by system files) is enough to store thousands of ebooks. Enough to store books you will read in the next few years – or, in other words – until you replace the current device with the newer one.

When you look at the waterproof e-readers in the table above, you’ll quickly spot that Kindle Oasis 2 is the model with the biggest memory. It offers either 8 or 32 GB of internal space.

Haven’t I said that 4 GB is more than enough to store thousands of ebooks? It’s still true. The bigger memory on Kindle Oasis is not for your ebooks. It’s for your audiobooks. The 8 GB version can hold only 30 to 40 audiobook files. The 32 GB – around 160.

• • •

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10 exciting years of the Kindle (infographic)


Take a look at our infographic that celebrates ten exciting years of the Kindle.

Since 2007, Kindle made millions of people rediscover the joy of reading. But it’s not only e-readers that changed the way we read. It’s the entire ecosystem that includes ebooks, services, and innovations.

The success of the 1st-generation Kindle would not be possible without the launch of the Kindle Store. Expansion of the digital reading would not be possible without Kindle apps. And reading Kindle ebooks would not be so convenient without Whispersync.

Based on our extensive timeline of Kindle e-readers and services, the infographic presents most significant events since the introduction of the Kindle Store, to the launch of Kindle Oasis 2.

Look how much has happened. And it’s only ten years!

Click or tap the infographic to see it enlarged. Feel free to share it on your blog – find the embed code under the image.

A history of Kindle devices and services


Share this infographic on your site (Creative Commons license). Get the embed code:

• • •

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Use Kindle app for iOS to read articles you find on the web

We maintain this blog by recommending products on the web. If you buy an item by following the links in this post, we may get a small share of the revenue.

Kindle for iOS can be used not only to read ebooks and magazines from the Kindle Store, but also content avaiable online.

Did you know you can use Kindle app for iPad and iPhone the same way as read-later services?

If you are not familiar with read-later platforms, such as Instapaper or Pocket, here is a quick explanation.

These services let you save articles and posts you find on the web so that you can access them later. This solution gives three main advantages:

  • you’ll keep all interesting articles in one place, and access them when you have more time for reading,
  • you can access the saved articles even when you are not connected to the web,
  • you will see the article in a clean read-only view – without elements which distract from reading: banners, widgets, social media sharing panels, or navigation bars.

You can achieve the same using the Kindle app on the iPhone and iPad. It’s possible thanks to the feature called “Send to Kindle.” It lets add content directly to the Kindle app, using the iOS share menu.


Top article

Benefits of the free Kindle app for iOS: save for later, listen to audiobooks, enhance the reading experience, and more.

How to use Kindle for iOS as a read-later service

1. Find the article you want to save

Which app or apps are you using to read news and blogs on the web? There are a lot of possibilities. You may read in Safari or Chrome browser. You may use Feedly. Or news aggregators such as Apple News or Google Play Newsstand.

No matter which app is your favorite, all of them support the iOS share menu, which helps send the content, its part, or a link to services such as email, text message, or notes app.

2. Open share menu and select Send to Kindle


When you find an article you can’t read immediately (but want to keep for later), you can use the share menu to add it to the Kindle iOS app.

Different apps have the share icon placed in different positions. Usually, the icon shows the arrow coming up from the box.

In Safari browser, the share menu icon is located in the bottom bar, right in the middle (see the screenshot above, on the left). Tap it, and the share menu will slide from the bottom edge of the screen.

In the upper row, you should see the “Send to Kindle” icon. It looks the same as the icon of the Kindle app. If you don’t see it, scroll the row to the right. If you still don’t see it, tap “More” icon and switch on the Send to Kindle option.

3. Choose options and send the article

After you tap the Send to Kindle button, a simple panel appears with a few things to customize:

  • you can change the title and source of the article,
  • you can choose where you want the article to be sent – a Kindle library or a single device.


By default, Save in Kindle Library is checked on (see the screenshot above, on the left). If you don’t turn the option off, the article will be sent to your Kindle cloud library, and it will be available shortly under Cloud tab in the Kindle for iOS app.

If you turn Save in Kindle Library off, you’ll need to choose the destination device. If you have more than one device connected to your Amazon Kindle account, make sure to pick up the iPad or iPhone you’re using right now. The article will be sent only to this single device and won’t be synced via your Kindle library.

I only use the second option as it makes it easy to delete the read articles (and I’m saving a lot of them to the Kindle app).

• • •

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Top 50 Kindle Unlimited books of 2017

We maintain this blog by recommending products on the web. If you buy an item by following the links in this post, we may get a small share of the revenue.


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is the most popular Kindle ebook of 2017 that’s available via Kindle Unlimited.

Many Kindle users who consider investing in Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription wonder how good are the books that are included in the catalog of eligible titles.

Hear this: as much as 82 out of 100 Kindle bestsellers are Kindle Unlimited eligible.

The No. 1 position is taken The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. It’s followed by Beneath a Scarlet Sky, a novel by Mark Sullivan, released in May by Lake Union Publishing. The third place is taken by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

For a monthly fee of $9.99, Kindle Unlimited gives unlimited access to over 1.8 million Kindle ebooks, but also Audible audiobook companions, as well as digital versions of popular magazines and newspapers.

So, how is the Kindle Unlimited eligible book being counted as sold? The user can download a single book at no extra cost, and can read only a part of it, right?

With the introduction Amazon Charts the way Kindle Unlimited books are counted as “read” and “sold” was revealed.

In short, the Kindle book acquired through digital subscription – such as Kindle Unlimited – is considered as sold when the user has read roughly the length of the free sample.

Below, you’ll see a list of Top 50 most popular Kindle Unlimited books in 2017. These books are considered as sold, so they counted into Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers of 2017.

Scroll down even further, and you’ll see Top 5 titles described in detail.

Top 50 Kindle Unlimited books of 2017

Data collected on November 19, 2017 /

# Title Author Rating Reviews Category
1 The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood 4.10 9,605 Fiction
2 Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel Mark Sullivan 4.80 12,850 Fiction
3 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone J.K. Rowling 4.80 58,334 Teen
4 Everything We Keep: A Novel (The Everything Series Book 1) Kerry Lonsdale 4.20 11,671 Romance
5 In Farleigh Field: A Novel of World War II Rhys Bowen 4.20 3,511 Fiction
6 Stillhouse Lake (Stillhouse Lake Series Book 1) Rachel Caine 4.50 7,021 Thriller
7 When I’m Gone: A Novel Emily Bleeker 4.30 5,684 Fiction
8 Silent Child Sarah A. Denzil 4.30 4,209 Thriller
9 1984 George Orwell 4.50 6,071 Fiction
10 A Criminal Defense William L. Myers Jr. 4.40 4,124 Thriller
11 Dead Certain: A Novel Adam Mitzner 4.20 3,050 Thriller
12 The Letter Kathryn Hughes 4.50 4,663 Fiction
13 Beach Lawyer (Beach Lawyer Series) Avery Duff 4.10 3,331 Thriller
14 I Am Watching You Teresa Driscoll 4.50 3,189 Thriller
15 The Night Bird (Frost Easton Mystery Book 1) Brian Freeman 4.50 3,351 Thriller
16 From Sand and Ash Amy Harmon 4.70 3,707 Fiction
17 The Naturalist (The Naturalist Series Book 1) Andrew Mayne 4.40 3,431 Sci-Fi
18 P.S. from Paris Marc Levy 4.10 2,450 Fiction
19 A Merciful Death (Mercy Kilpatrick Book 1) Kendra Elliot 4.50 2,286 Romance
20 The Missing Ones Patricia Gibney 4.40 2,746 Thriller
21 Split Second Douglas E. Richards 4.20 5,413 Thriller
22 Little Boy Lost J. D. Trafford 4.20 2,209 Thriller
23 The Practice House Laura McNeal 4.10 1,819 Fiction
24 My Sister’s Grave (The Tracy Crosswhite Series Book 1) Robert Dugoni 4.40 12,931 Thriller
25 The Man of Legends Kenneth Johnson 4.30 2,609 Fiction
26 The Hundredth Queen (The Hundredth Queen Series Book 1) Emily R. King 4.40 1,685 Teen
27 A Tangled Mercy: A Novel Joy Jordan-Lake 4.60 682 Fiction
28 All the Little Children Jo Furniss 3.90 2,060 Fiction
29 Wives of War Soraya M. Lane 4.30 2,540 Fiction
30 Origin: A Novel Dan Brown 4.20 2,508 Fiction
31 Before We Were Yours: A Novel Lisa Wingate 4.70 3,703 Fiction
32 A Beautiful Poison Lydia Kang 4.20 1,718 Fiction
33 The Trapped Girl (The Tracy Crosswhite Series Book 4) Robert Dugoni 4.70 1,741 Thriller
34 And Then She Was GONE Christopher Greyson 4.00 2,706 Thriller
35 Extracted (Extracted Trilogy Book 1) RR Haywood 4.00 1,307 Sci-Fi
36 Hemingway Didn’t Say That: The Truth Behind Familiar Quotations Garson O’Toole 3.00 756 History
37 The Good Samaritan John Marrs 4.10 403 Fiction
38 The Halo Effect: A Novel Anne D. LeClaire 4.30 1,394 Fiction
39 The Gender Game Bella Forrest 4.40 2,328 Teen
40 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J.K. Rowling 4.80 58,333 Teen
41 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J.K. Rowling 4.80 58,333 Teen
42 When They Come for You (Harper McDaniel Book 1) James W. Hall 4.10 1,556 Thriller
43 Accidentally Hers (Sterling Canyon Book 1) Jamie Beck 4.20 1,090 Fiction
44 The Honest Spy Andreas Kollender 4.30 597 Thriller
45 In the Shadow of Lakecrest Elizabeth Blackwell 3.90 1,371 Fiction
46 Crimes Against a Book Club Kathy Cooperman 4.10 1,738 Fiction
47 Secondborn (Secondborn Series Book 1) Amy A. Bartol 4.40 2,162 Teen
48 All the Breaking Waves: A Novel Kerry Lonsdale 4.20 1,150 Fiction
49 The Designer Marius Gabriel 4.20 1,122 Fiction
50 Pandemic (The Extinction Files Book 1) A.G. Riddle 4.20 2,095 Thriller

Top 5 Kindle Unlimited books of 2017

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel of such power that the reader will be unable to forget its images and its forecast.

Set in the near future, the novel describes life in what was once the United States and is now called the Republic of Gilead.

The story is told through the eyes of Offred, one of the unfortunate Handmaids under the new social order. In condensed but eloquent prose, by turns cool-eyed, tender, despairing, passionate, and wry, she reveals to us the dark corners behind the establishment’s calm facade, as certain tendencies now in existence are carried to their logical conclusions.

⇢ Read more

2. Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel

Mark Sullivan

Based on the true story of a forgotten hero, USA Today bestseller Beneath a Scarlet Sky is an epic tale of one young man’s incredible resilience during one of the history’s darkest hours.

Pino Lella wants nothing to do with the war or the Nazis. He’s a normal Italian teenager—obsessed with music, food, and girls—but his days of innocence are numbered.

When his family home in Milan is destroyed by Allied bombs, Pino joins an underground railroad helping Jews escape over the Alps, and falls for Anna, a beautiful widow six years his senior.

⇢ Read more

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when the letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle.

Then, on Harry’s eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news: Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

An incredible adventure is about to begin!

⇢ Read more

4. Everything We Keep: A Novel

Kerry Lonsdale

Sous chef Aimee Tierney has the perfect recipe for the perfect life: marry her childhood sweetheart, raise a family, and buy out her parents’ restaurant. But when her fiancé, James Donato, vanishes in a boating accident, her well-baked future is swept out to sea.

A luminous debut with unexpected twists, Everything We Keep explores the devastation of loss, the euphoria of finding love again, and the pulse-racing repercussions of discovering the truth about the ones we hold dear and the lengths they will go to protect us.

⇢ Read more

5. In Farleigh Field: A Novel of World War II

Rhys Bowen

World War II comes to Farleigh Place, the ancestral home of Lord Westerham and his five daughters, when a soldier with a failed parachute falls to his death on the estate.

After his uniform and possessions raise suspicions, MI5 operative and family friend Ben Cresswell is covertly tasked with determining if the man is a German spy.

Inspired by the events and people of World War II, writer Rhys Bowen crafts a sweeping and riveting saga of class, family, love, and betrayal.

⇢ Read more

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Tablet for kids – when the regular Fire is better than Kids Edition

We maintain this blog by recommending products on the web. If you buy an item by following the links in this post, we may get a small share of the revenue.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition is a tablet addressed to children / Photo: Amazon

Do you consider buying an Amazon Fire tablet for your child? Read on, and you’ll see whether you need the Kids Edition at all.

Amazon does a really good work in tailoring its devices to particular needs. You’ve probably seen already special editions and bundles based on Kindle or Fire devices. Kindle for Kids Bundle, Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle, remember?

The idea of bundling a few items into a single product that answers common needs is brilliant. It simplifies the buying process while giving a chance to save money. What’s most important, the bundle or special edition is always cheaper than the sum of its elements.

One of the most known bundles based on Amazon devices is Fire Kids Edition – a special version of the Fire tablet that is addressed to children – or rather to parents who want to buy the tablet for their children.

What is Fire Kids Edition?

Amazon Fire Kids Edition is Fire tablet specially enhanced for the use by children. Besides the device, it includes a kid-proof case, special no-questions-asked guarantee, and one year of free access to a special catalog of books, games, and videos for kids.

Let’s have a closer look at the elements.

1. Fire tablet

It’s always the latest-generation tablet from Amazon. The Kids Edition is usually launched at the same time as the regular version.

Currently, two Fire models are used for Kids Edition: Fire 7, and Fire HD 8. The biggest Fire HD 10 doesn’t come in a kid-friendly edition.

An important thing to know is that Kids Edition uses the most expensive version of the relevant Fire tablet, the one without special offers and with the bigger internal memory.

The entry-level Fire 7 (with ads, 8 GB) costs $49.99. The top version (no ads, 16 GB) is $84.99. Fire 7 Kids Edition is $99.99.

2. Kid-proof case

It’s a simple, rugged case with a curved shape that makes it easy to keep in small hands. It’s made from a lightweight, durable, kid-safe material, and provides basic protection against bumps and dust.

The case comes in three bright colors: Pink, Yellow, and Blue. You can buy it separately for $24.99 (it never gets a price cut) – and it’s available in two more colors: Punch Red and Black.

3. Two-year worry-free guarantee

It’s the biggest benefit of the Kids Edition. This guarantee enables you to return the broken tablet as many times as you need, and no questions will be asked.

The guarantee provides coverage for anything that happens to your Fire Kids Edition including electrical and mechanical breakdowns.

The regular Fire tablet comes by default with 90-day limited warranty and service. You can add a protection plan by SquareTrade, which enables you to make up to 3 claims. The 1-year plan costs $10.99. For two years, you’ll pay $14.99.

4. One year of FreeTime Unlimited at no extra cost

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is an all-in-one subscription for children that offers unlimited access to over 13,000 kid-friendly books, videos, educational apps, and games.

If you buy Fire Kids Edition, you get the first year of FreeTime Unlimited for free.

Then, if you want to continue, you’ll pay $2.99 per month. You can also choose a pre-paid yearly subscription. Family Plan for Prime members is $83 per year. For non-Prime users, it’s $119.

When you don’t need Fire Kids Edition

Having learned about the benefits and features of Fire Kids Edition tablets, let’s see whether you and your kids need all of it.

Below, you’ll see a list of circumstances that are not in favor of the Fire Kids Edition. The more “ifs” you agree with, the less you need a special kid-friendly edition.

If your child is not going to use the tablet heavily

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription is available on Fire tablets / Photo: Amazon

There are two factors to think about:

  • how likely it is that the tablet gets damaged,
  • how much content your child will be using.

When it comes to damage, a worry-free guarantee gives parents the peace of mind.

On the other hand, some parents don’t want to leave their children unassisted for a long time. A tablet is a great way to spend time together with kids – read an ebook, play a game, or watch a movie. In this case, a parent gives better protection than any worry-free plan.

When it comes to heavy content use, FreeTime Unlimited sounds like a great option. Giving access to kid-friendly content doesn’t, however, mean your kid will want to keep trying new things for months on end.

Sometimes, a few great apps can take most of your child’s attention, so why pay for thousands of others?

If you are subscribed to Prime membership

Lots of kids movies are available via Amazon Prime / Photo: Amazon

If you are e member of Amazon Prime multi-benefit subscription program, you have free access to over 40,000 movies. Many are perfect for kids.

Before buying Fire Kids Edition, check out which and how many kids movies are available in Prime.

Then, compare it to what’s available in FreeTime Unlimited. Maybe the latter subscription is not needed at all.

If you want to control what content your kid is using

You can set up parental controls on every Fire tablet / Photo: Amazon

The first thing you should check out when the tablet for your kid arrives is parental controls. The regular version of the Fire has them too.

Turn the parental control on, and you’ll prevent your child from buying anything. It will also prevent your child from accessing adult content. A passcode only you know will be needed to unlock the content.

If your kid wants to get a new game, she or he will come and ask you to buy it – and you will see what your child is interested in.

If you assume the tablet will be in use for less than two years

Tablets become a fast-moving product category. New generations are introduced every year.

What’s even more important is that children grow quicker than technology. In half a year it may turn out your daughter doesn’t want the tablet because “this Pink case is so childish.”

Also, at some point, when you’ll need to replace the device for the second or third time, you may realize that maybe it’s a better idea to buy the next-generation tablet, as it’s faster and sports more advanced features.

So, if you assume, it’ll be great if the tablet is used by your kids until next holiday season, why pay for a 2-year worry-free guarantee? Its cost is calculated into the price of Fire Kids Edition, right?

If you don’t like the default case

Poetic TurtleSkin Fire 7 Case is an alternative to Amazon Kid-Proof Case / Photo collage: Amazon

The case included in the Fire Kids Edition is not waterproof. It also doesn’t provide the stand functionality.

Some third-party cases could be better suited if you want to give your child a more functional tablet that’s better tailored to the needs of your family.

For instance, Poetic TurtleSkin Rugged Case for Fire 7 includes a portable stand which makes it much easier to watch videos. It also has a unique corner protection with perforated shock absorber design and offers a sound-amplification feature. You can have it for $12.99.

If you prefer a memory card

A memory of the Fire tablet can be extended by memory card / Photo: Amazon

All Fire tablets have microSD card slot. You can expand their memory by more than 200 GB.

A memory card is a more flexible way to manage the tablet’s memory. You can use it in several devices – the one you currently own and the one you will buy next year.

Therefore, anyone who prefers a microSD card to internal memory would go for the cheapest possible version of the Fire tablet.

But the Fire Kids Edition includes the most expensive one.


To bring the overview to a simple cost comparison, you can buy the Fire 7 Kids Edition for $99.99, or you can buy the regular Fire 7 for half the price ($49.99) – and add extra elements to suit your kids more than a fixed solution.

⇢ Fire tablets

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15 best bookish gifts of 2017 – a holiday gift guide for book lovers

We maintain this blog by recommending products on the web. If you buy an item by following the links in this post, we may get a small share of the revenue.


Looking for fresh new gift ideas for the book lover in your life? Here are the best items we spotted in 2017.

Deciding what gift to give to someone who loves reading books is not easy.

Getting another book may look like you’ve run out of ideas. On the other hand, maybe there is a newly released book that the book-loving member of your family is impatiently waiting to get.

The key to succeeding is gift discovery. You don’t need to limit yourself to books, jewelry, or posters.

All you need to do is to spend some time and search for book-related gift guides prepared for this holiday season. The more lists you explore, the better idea you will have what new products are available – and how exciting they are.

Below, you will find our recommendations. Explore new literary findings from Amazon and Etsy online stores, as well as less known – but unique products – created out of love for books and reading.


Top article

This updated list of the best literary gifts for book lovers includes home decor, clothing, candles, accessories, jewelry, and e-reader case covers.

Top 15 bookish gifts of 2017

1. Famous writers kitchen magnets


The literary kitchen magnet that keeps important daily reminders always in view is a refreshingly new idea for a bookish gift.

Especially, when the magnet is as stunningly designed as the ones from East Grove Studio.

Each one features a quote from a famous author and a beautifully crafted portrait. You can buy the magnets separately, but there is also a set of five, which I strongly recommend. ⇢ Amazon – $20.

2. Literary pillows from Ponder & Dream


A pillow is a little object that magically makes the surrounding space much cozier and redefines it from being “indifferent” to “pleasant.”

If not, take a look at the collection of literary pillows created by Ponder & Dream and offered on Etsy.

The passage from novels by Jane Austen or Henry David Thoreau, a portrait of the famous writer, or a motivational book quote? It’s you to decide which of these great ideas you want to gift your beloved ones.

And what about getting two or three such pillows, to make literature rule in home? ⇢ Etsy – $35.

3. Kingsbridge series by Ken Follett


Ken Follett has released in September a long-expected third part of the bestselling Kingsbridge series taking place in the medieval England, in the fictional town of Kingsbridge.

The new book, entitled A Column of Fire, takes bestseller lists by storm, and it will surely be one of the most gifted novels this holiday season.

Even a better idea would be to buy all three books from the series, including previously released The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End. ⇢ Amazon – $15.99 (Kindle Edition).

4. Leditop folding book lamp


If you want a reading light to be a part of the literary interior, this is one of the most clever ideas. And when you don’t use it, you can put it back on a bookshelf.

The lamp is powered by a lithium battery and gives light for up to 6 hours. You can recharge it via USB cable. The lamp is portable. Weighing 350 grams and having the size of the hardcover, it can be used as a camping lamp.

The most awesome feature is the light color change. You can switch the tonality of light by simply opening and closing the lamp. You can choose from Warm White, Blue, Red, and a few options of Green. ⇢ Amazon – $39.90.

5. ThinOptics reading glasses & iPhone case


If your beloved one needs glasses only for reading and is using the latest iPhone, think about combining two devices in one.

Reading glasses offered by ThinOptics are compact, durable, and feature ultra-flexible titanium alloy bridge which is ten times more elastic than spring steel.

What’s even more important, the glasses are so thin that you can place them on the back of a special iPhone 7 case. And the case is included, as well! ⇢ Amazon – $29.99.

6. Second-generation Kindle Oasis


Is the booklover you want to gift a Kindle fan? The newest device from Amazon – the 2nd-generation Kindle Oasis – is the world’s most advanced e-reader. It’s worth its money if you want to satisfy the most important book lover in your life.

Kindle Oasis 2 is waterproof, so it can be taken to a bathtub without worrying something happens when water spills on its display. Most importantly, it’s the first Kindle in years which is capable of playing audiobooks. And the asymmetric design enables the user to hold the Oasis in one hand for long hours comfortably.

The newest Oasis comes in two storage options and sports the 7-inch, 1680 × 1264 px display – better and bigger than in any other Kindle. ⇢ Amazon – $249.99.

7. Harry Potter illustrated by Jim Kay


This edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone beautifully illustrated by Jim Kay is a must-have book for everyone whose teen years were full of magic thanks to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The hardcover edition is available since late 2015, but I’d like to draw your attention to an exciting new format that helps the Harry Potter magic literally live on the pages.

The new format is called Kindle in Motion. It adds gif-like loop animations and video embeds to the books. Just imagine Jim Kay’s illustrations being subtly animated, and you’ll fall in love with the new edition without even seeing it!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Kindle in Motion format can be enjoyed on free Kindle apps. It can make a perfect last-minute book gift. ⇢ Amazon – $9.99.

8. Kindle Unlimited gift subscription

If your significant other or a family member reads a lot of Kindle ebooks, think about gifting Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription.

The Kindle Unlimited subscriber has free and unlimited access to over 1.8 million titles. Among them, you will find not only Kindle ebooks but also newspapers, magazines, and audiobooks from Audible.

As much as 82 of the bestselling Kindle books of 2017 are included in Kindle Unlimited – it sounds like a solid recommendation!

You can buy one of the three subscription plans: 6, 12, and 24 months. We recommend getting the one-year plan, so the option to prolong the membership will be open the next holiday season. ⇢ Amazon – $119.98.

9. One-year Audible subscription


Audiobooks are on the rise. They are growing quicker than ebooks. And they give a chance to follow the plot of your favorite book while doing other things, such as driving a car or cooking a dinner.

One way to gift Audible audiobooks is buying single titles. But what happens if you choose the wrong title? A better, more flexible option is to gift an Audible membership.

A Gold plan gives access to a catalog of 180,000 books. The member can get one book per month for free, and have a 30% discount on additional books. ⇢ Amazon – $14.95/month.

10. Literary teas from First Edition Tea Co.


A book, a comfortable chair, a scent of an old library. The book lover in your life has everything to be happy. Wait, something is missing! Something to drink.

What about the tea? Take a look at unique tea blends from First Edition Tea Co. that are inspired by literature.

How would you imagine the taste inspired by Sherlock Holmes? Shouldn’t it be based on traditional English Breakfast tea, with pipe smoke, and a hint of bergamot? The Great Gatsby is all about lemon and organic lavender. Alice in Wonderland offers a combination of rooibos, papaya, almond, and rose petals.

Reading a good book with a cup of a favorite tea can now reach a whole new level. ⇢ Etsy – $12.

11. Vintage book iPad case cover


A great gift for anyone who loves the newest technology but is missing the look and feel of an old book.

A series of iPad case covers from Jgoo makes the life of book lovers much more enjoyable. Every time they will open the case they would feel like opening a book. At the same time, the case is extremely thin (so it add almost no bulk to the tablet), and supports auto sleep/wake feature.

It’s available in four colors: Blue, Brown, Gray, and Red. Among the models it fits, there are the 2017 9.7-inch iPad, iPad Pro 10.5, and the 4th-generation iPad Mini. ⇢ Amazon – $18.99.

12. Book-inspired tote bag from Fable & Black


Is your family member frequently visiting a library or attending a book club meeting? A relevant tote bag will be a blessing.

Out of many different designs from several artists, I’ve picked for your consideration a collection of literary tote bags offered by Fable & Black.

You may say they are too fancy or too bright, but on the other side: isn’t reading a kind of activity that brings inspiration and freshness to life?

You can choose from almost 30 designs. Some are using bright colors, such as the one with Jane Austen quote, the others are minimalist black & white projects. ⇢ Etsy – $11.99.

13. Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson


The new biography by the author of Steve Jobs and Einstein tells the life of Leonardo da Vinci in an exciting and inspiring way.

Walter Isaacson studies thousands of pages from Leonardo’s astonishing notebooks to create, as the New Yorker puts it, “a powerful story of an exhilarating mind and life… a study in creativity: how to define it, how to achieve it.”

The book is available in hardcover, as well as Kindle format. You can also get it as an audiobook. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99 (Hardcover).

14. Literary matches from Studio Portmanteau


Literary matchboxes from Studio Portmanteau are a great little addition to any bookish gift, no matter whether it’s a book itself or a book-related accessory.

Each matchbox features a beautifully retouched cover from an original edition of the literary classic. The collection includes over 50 such books. Pride and Prejudice, A Christmas Carol, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, and Call of the Wild are among them.

These literary matchboxes are great for dinners, picnics, or book club meetings. I personally find them a perfect collectible series. ⇢ Etsy – $3 each.

15. PagePal page holder


Reading real books made easy – this simple and stylish page holder helps keep the pages in a book wide open with one hand.

The wood is more suitable for page holders than any other material. The warm, smooth texture of American Walnut compliments the feel of any book. No matter whether someone is standing, sitting or lying down, one hand is free to hold that wine glass.

This book holder comes in two sizes: regular and large. ⇢ Amazon – $20.99.

• • •

Where to buy gifts for book lovers?

Have you found this gift guide useful and picked a perfect holiday gift? If not, make sure to explore these great sites for more gift recommendations.

Amazon Handmade – many users find gifts on Amazon. When you search the entire store, you may easily get disappointed with too many items that look cheap. However, in Amazon’s sub store called Handmade, you can find goods that are beautifully hand-crafted to order and can be personalized.

Not on the High Street – the site is a default online destination for gift-seeking users from the UK. If you want to find inspiration for homemade gift ideas, this is the site you should check out.

Zazzle – it’s one of the largest online destinations for gifts and accessories of all kinds. You can pick up an artwork and choose the item you want it on. If you prefer to use your own photo or design – you can do it! A customized literary gift ? Try Zazzle.

Etsy – visit Etsy and you’ll immediately realize it’s loaded with gorgeous gifts any book lover would be grateful to receive. As all items are made to order, there are several ways to add a personal message – also for the bookish items listed above.

• • •

Other gift guides to explore

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A brief history of ebooks (infographic)

Ten years ago Amazon released the first-generation Kindle. This single device successfully introduced digital reading to the mass imagination.

The Kindle, although being a milestone in the development of ebooks, does not mark the beginning of digital reading. It’s not even the first ebook in the world, created by Michael S. Hart in 1971.

Electric devices intended to improve reading experience were invented and conceptualized long before.

And you can see them in a new infographic created by The Curious Reader, a web magazine for readers and book lovers.

E-books have a long history with the first one being conceptualized over 80 years ago. We put together a nifty infographic to show you how e-books and e-readers have evolved over the years.

Do you want to take a detailed look at the Kindle? Make sure to check out our fresh new infographic with the timeline of Kindle devices and services.

Click or tap the visual below to see it enlarged.


Make sure to check out recent infographics about books, libraries, and reading:

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